Food Ingredients Company

GL International is a trusted Food Ingredients company. It has a long history of operations in importing, selling, and distributing Specialty Food Ingredients for Food and Beverages industry in Indonesia.

Matcha Powder - GL International


GLI's Matcha is a natural, healthy Japanese green-tea powder with desirable profile.

Our high quality Matcha is very popular in the industry and is applied in beverages, chocolate bars, bakery, ice cream, and many others.

Besides Matcha, GLI also offers Natural Hojicha powder and Genmaicha powder .

Food Stabilizer - GL Internationak

Stabilizing System

GLI provides stabilizing system for ice cream, dairy, beverages, donuts, bakery, fried products and many more.

Many food ingredients utilized in food and drinks have conflicting characteristics and functions. GLI's system stabilizes those conflicting ingredients to obtain optimal performance of end-product.

Cocoa Powder - GL International

Cocoa Powder

GLI provides high quality cocoa powder. When it comes to delivering deep, dark chocolate flavor, plain old cocoa powder is hard to beat. Made of finely ground partially defatted cocoa solids, it comes in two styles: natural and alkalized. Find out more about GLI's cocoa powder.