Added Value

Beyond Ingredients

GL International is a food ingredient company who provides its clients with not only high quality functional ingredients, but also expertise in food applications.

GLI will always provide its clients with competitive value in term of expertise and product selection. Its team is commited to assist clients and partners in product development using its robust ingredient portfolio.

GLI Vision and mission

Vision & Mission

GLI's mission is to provide high quality innovative, functional and specialty ingredients for food industry nationwide.

GL International has a vision to be the most trusted food-ingredient provider in Indonesia.

Core Values

GL International takes stakeholders value seriously with the highest priority. GLI is committed to focus on customers satisfactions, employees' well beings, and shareholders' value while fulfilling our responsibility toward social and ecological balance.

GLI holds highest importance on integrity, respect, honesty, determination, professionalism, problem-solving attitude, and customer relationships.

GLI History

GL International is a trusted and reputable Specialty Food Ingredients supplier. Established in 2006 in Surabaya, GLI started as general supplier for ingredients, chemicals in Food Industry, Agro-industry, and oil and gas. Shortly after, GLI changed its direction to focus its services in providing specialty ingredients for food industry.

In 2007, GL International moved its headquarter to Jakarta to strategically serve its clients and customer better.

GL International Hojicha powder

Through trust and relationship, GLI became part of a wide-network of food ingredients solution providers which facilities are in the Philippines, Indonesia and China.

Today, GLI is a respected Food Ingredient Company with a robust portfolio trusted by its suppliers, customers, and partners through quality, integrity, and respect.

IQF Fruits and Berries GL Internatioanl

Did you know?

Many of the imported fruits and berries in Indonesia are individually-quick-frozen to retain freshness while maintaining long shelf-life. GLI makes available million of pieces of delicious fruits and berries for food industry in Indonesia by importing IQF fruits such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi, mango, etc.

Sweet Sensation

GLI provides sweet solution for its clients. The short supply of sugar and sugar limitation quota regulated by governments in many countries makes sugar substitutes are important in product formulations. To fulfill clients' need, GLI includes Sucralose, Aspartame, and other sweeteners in its product portfolio.